Fukuoka International Association (FIA) Mail Magazine vol.77 October/05/2008

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How about a night out during the month of October when the merchant town of Fukuoka City, the Hakata area, is illuminated with various autumn events including the light festival of old Shinto shrines and temples, candle light arts, and guided walking tour?



Table of Contents:

1. News from the Fukuoka International Association

    1) Home Visit Program for International Students
    2) Free Consultation on Immigration, Residency and Nationality
    3) Foreign Student Lecture Series "My Hometown and Fukuoka"

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, the Central Government, and Other Affiliated Organizations

    1) Asian Pacific Festival 2008
    2) Cinela "Indonesian Films"
    3) The ABCs of Japanese Culture for Foreigners
    4) Heartful Festa Fukuoka 2008
    5) Fukuoka International Student Support Center

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

    1) UK-Japan 2008 Event in Fukuoka
    2) APCC Fukuoka Music Festival

4. News from Internationally Related Organizations in Fukuoka

    1) Multicultural Child Care Salon

5.  Nobu's Footprints in Fukuoka

    A pair of different lifestyles

1. News from The Fukuoka International Association

 For detailed information about this section, unless specified, please refer to FIA:
 Fukuoka International Association
 City Hall North Annex 5F, Tenjin 1-10-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
 TEL: 092-733-5630   FAX: 092-733-5635
 URL: www.rainbowfia.or.jp

1) Home Visit Program for International Students
This is a great opportunity for international students to exchange with the Japanese families who are living in the Fukuoka metropolitan area. Not only will you build a lasting friendship with them but you will also deepen mutual cultural understanding through a series of home visits, casual meals or conversations, and other activities.

Program duration: November 2008 - March 2009
Eligibility: international students currently enrolled in a college, junior college, or language school, etc. in the Fukuoka metropolitan area.
Enrollment limit: 60
Application form: available at your college or schools' student departments, Rainbow Plaza, etc.
How to apply: fill out and turn in the form via mail or in person at Rainbow Plaza.
Deadline: Oct. 15 (Wed)

See FIA website for more details.

Inquiry/Application: Rainbow Plaza
TEL 092-733-2220    FAX: 092-733-2215

2) Free Consultation on Immigration, Residency, and Nationality
An immigration attorney from the Fukuoka Prefecture Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association will provide and answer any questions concerning status of residence, period of stay, naturalization, international marriage, and so on. English or Chinese interpreters will be available upon request.

Date: Oct. 12 (Sun) 11:00 - 16:00
Venue: Rainbow Plaza (IMS Bldg. 8F)

Inquiry: Rainbow Plaza
TEL: 092-733-2220

3) Foreign Student Lecture Series "My Hometown and Fukuoka"
Each month, the Fukuoka Foreign Student Support Association invites a foreign student residing and studying in Fukuoka to share information about her hometown and culture. Through this, we learn about the student's family, her lifestyle, what brought her to Fukuoka and her vision for the future.

Date: Oct. 16 (Thu) 18:30
Place: Attaka Salon, Fukuoka International Association
Lecturer: PIAO MEI SHAN (Jilin province, China)
               Fukuoka University of Education, Research Divisions of Education
For more information: http://attaka-fukuoka.jp/ (in Japanese)

2. News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Central Government and Affiliated Organizations

1) Asian Pacific Festival 2008
This is the main event of the Asian Month. Enjoy the traditional dance and songs, regional cuisine, and groceries from the Asian Pacific region.

Duration: Oct. 9 (Thu) - 13 (Mon/holiday) 11:00-21:00
Venue: Fukuoka City Hall Fureai Hiroba
Further information: http://www.asianmonth.com/

Inquiry: Asia Month Information Center
TEL: 092-262-0676

2) Cine-la "Indonesian Films"
A collection of Indonesian films will be shown in commemoration of 50 years of friendship between Japan and Indonesia.

Duration: Oct. 8(Wed) - 25(Sat)
Fee: Adult 500yen, Univ. & H.S. Student 400yen, J.H.S. & Elem. Student 300yen
English Subtitled
   Mr. Mamad ('73, 111min)
   Ramadhan and Ramona ('92, 87min.)
   Suddenly Dangdut ('06, 95min.)
   GIE ('05, 147min.)
   3 Days to Forever ('06, 104min.)

Japanese Subtitled
   The Long March ('50, 129min.)
   The Three Sisters ('56, 114min.)
   First Love ('73, 110min.)
   Ponirah ('83, 107min.)
   Roro Mendut ('82, 107min.)
   Naga Bonar ('87, 108min.)
   Tjoet Nja' Dhien ('88, 133min.)
   Penida Island ('89, 113min.)
   Love in a Slice of Bread ('91, 97min.)

Inquiry: Fukuoka City Public Library "Cine-la"
TEL: 092-852-0608   FAX: 092-852-0609   URL: http://www.cinela.com (in Japanese)

3) The ABCs of Japanese Culture for Foreigners
Sign up today to engage in various sessions where you will get a hand-on learning experience about Japanese culture.

Dates/Programs: Oct. 19 (Sun) Noh play, Nov. 9 (Sun) Sumoh
Time: 14:00-15:30
Venue: ACROS Fukuoka 2F Seminar Room
Enrollment limit: 35, on a first-come first-served basis.
Fee: Free

Inquiry: ACROS Fukuoka
TEL: 092-725-9100 (11:00a.m.-5:00p.m.)     FAX: 092-725-9102
Email: fukuokasggclub@yahoo.co.jp

4) Heartful Festa Fukuoka 2008
Deepen your understanding of human rights issues through a series of panel exhibitions, concerts, and other various events.

Duration: Oct. 24 (Fri), 25 (Sat) 10:00-21:00, 26 (Sun) 10:00-17:30
Venue: Hakata Riverain
Further information: http://jinken.city.fukuoka.jp/event/heart2008.html (in Japanese)

Inquiry: Heartful Festa Fukuoka Executive Committee
TEL: 092-262-8464

5) Fukuoka International Student Support Center 
  This center offers a comprehensive support system to international students who are living in Fukuoka Prefecture. Assistance for succeeding educational goals, advices on how to achieve a comfortable living, and so forth are provided here.

Available Services: consultation services, referrals to part-time jobs, information regarding international activities and livelihood support, employment assistance, establishing a network for the alumni.
Eligibility: International Students currently enrolled in universities, junior colleges, or technical colleges.
Place: Kokusai Hiroba, ACROS Fukuoka 3F
Opening hours: 10:00-19:00

Inquiry: Fukuoka International Student Support Center
TEL: 092-725-9201    Email: fissc@kokusaihiroba.or.jp

3. News from FUKU-NET Members

1) UK-Japan 2008 Event in Fukuoka
Commemorating 150 years of diplomatic relations between the UK and Japan, the Fukuoka Japan British Society will invite a British pianist, Ronan Magill, for a recital.

Date/Time: Oct. 17(Fri) 19:00
Venue: Ishikura Shuzo Brewery Hakata Hyakunengura (Katakasu, Hakata)
Ticket: 3,500yen

Inquiry: The Fukuoka Japan British Society
TEL: 092-476-2155

2) APCC Fukuoka Music Festival
Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention's establishment as well as supporting its activities, a music concert will be held featuring various singers from Japan, Korea, and China.

Date: Oct. 26 (Sun) 17:30
Venue: Marine Messe Fukuoka
Fee: S 7,000yen, A 5,000yen

Inquiry: The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA
TEL: 092-734-7700 Email: info@apcc.gr.jp URL: http://www.apcc.gr.jp/

4. News from International Related Organizations in Fukuoka

1) Multicultural Child Care Salon Open
If you need someone to talk about parental care, please feel free to drop by our office to chat with other parents. Multi language interpreters will be available. To register, please call in advance.

Dates: Oct. 16, 10:00-12:30, every 3rd Thursday
Venue: AMIKAS 1F Nursery room and 2F Japanese-style room
Intended participants: parents with children under preschooler

Inquiry: Women's Empowerment Center Fukuoka
TEL/FAX: 092-738-0138    Email: empower_f@ybb.ne.jp
URL: http://www.geocities.jp/empower_f/index.html (in Japanese)

5. Nobu's Footprints in Fukuoka

Night Out at Hojoya

Having engaged in both the Hakata Dontaku Port Festival of late Spring and the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival of early Summer, it was in my nature to complete the last of the three main festivals in Fukuoka: the thousand-year-old traditional festival known as "Hojoya (放生会)” that praises all living things and celebrates the bounty of fall harvest from September 12th through 18th of each year.
By the time I arrived at Hakozaki Shrine around 6:00pm, the place was completely packed with a swarm of local populace, and the over-filled walkway controlled by traffic patrols made it seemingly impossible to find my friends in time or even take some fresh air: the idea was quite simple, just keep on walking and not move against the flow of the people. As much as I expected the summer to be long gone, it was still a muggy night as I felt the effects of global warming on my skin closer than ever. Perhaps the only coolness in the ancient ambience of the shrine was the slight breeze of the crisp autumn air and the murmuring of pine leaves in the background, and of course, the thought of chugging a glass of ice-cold beer.
As I navigated through the chaotic walkway towards one of the gates, I noticed people lining up before the infinite rows of food stalls diffusing a tantalizing aroma of yakitori, takoyaki, grilled corncobs, and so forth, and I couldn't help but to order an appealing dish that piqued my interest. It was called "sha-pin" and without really finding out what it was, I handed out several coins to the man who was cooking away amidst the fierce fire. It truly wasn't a traditional Japanese dish, as it literally looked like a large, flattened sandwiched crepe with tiny bits of meat inside which I have not yet come across in Japan. Nibbling on this new taste of Asia, I finally spotted my friends who were also eating and drinking, as well as sweating excessively as if they have just gotten back from a vigorous exercise.
We continued our journey through galleries of interesting stalls such as palm reading, goldfish and turtle scooping, and eel fishing, until we turned a corner to the "haunted house" section of the festival. The atmosphere was somewhat of a mix between a Japanese summer matsuri, and a Western circus carnival, where the flashing lights, life-size ghost figures, and men shouting through microphones to attract people blurred out my sense of reality. For a hefty price of five hundred yen, we went into an eerie-looking haunted house anticipating a real-life version of a Japanese horror film. To our dismay, the haunted house was nothing but a walk through a blackened tent, occasionally being stopped by a less-than-enthusiastic guy wearing the mask from the movie "Scream". I laughed my way to the exit, even shaking hands with the "not-so-scary" ghost.
As more Asahi beer and shochu immersed into our thirsty souls, a passing shower fell from the sky, and behind the curtain of rain, I noticed the boisterous voices of children excitedly taking cover under the tent and attempting to scoop the tiny goldfish to take home. As if taking a peek at my own childhood, I recalled the very scene when my dad also took me out on a matsuri in Kobe when I was only 8 years old…

Nobuo Gondo


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

  1) 外国人学生ホームビジット交流外国人学生募集
  2) 地球市民どんたく2008
  3) 外国人が語る「ふるさとの街と福岡」

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報

  1) アジア太平洋フェスティバル2008
  2) シネラ「インドネシア映画特集」
  3) 外国人のための日本文化いろは講座
  4) ハートフルフェスタ福岡2008 
  5) ちきゅうを知る講座
  6) 福岡県留学生サポートセンター

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報

  1) 講演会「夢はあきらめきれず」
  2) 日英外交関係150周年イベント
  3) カンボジアスタディツアー2008報告会
  4) APCC20周年記念・支援福岡ミュージックフェスティバル

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報

  1) 多文化子育てサロン
  2) 「花の夢ある中国残留婦人」上映会
  3) 北京風雷京劇団訪日公演
  4) 外国人留学生のためのホストファミリー募集

5. ノブが見た福岡


1. 福岡よかトピア国際交流財団からのお知らせ

〒810-0001福岡市中央区天神1丁目10-1 北別館5F
TEL:092-733-5630   FAX:092-733-5635  URL: www.rainbowfia.or.jp

1) 外国人学生ホームビジット交流外国人学生募集!

対 象 者:福岡都市圏の大学、短期大学又は語学学校等に在籍する留学生・就学生
申込方法:所定の申込書 (各大学・学校の外国人学生担当課、レインボープラザなどで配布) に必要事項を記入して、レインボープラザまで郵送又は直接持って来て下さい。

TEL: 092-733-2220  FAX: 092-733-2215

2) 国際協力フェスタ「地球市民どんたく2008」

日 時:10月9日(木)~13日(月・祝)11:00-18:00
場 所:福岡市役所西側ふれあい広場北側緑地(福岡市中央区天神1-8-1)

日 時:10月11日(土)13:00-16:30
場 所:福岡国際ホール「志賀の間」(福岡市中央区天神1-4-1 西日本新聞会館16F)
定 員:先着順100名
申 込:Eメール、FAX、またはハガキで協会まで申込。

日 時:10月12日(日)11:00-16:00
場 所:レインボープラザ
通 訳:英語、中国語

3) 外国人が語る「ふるさとの街と福岡」

日 時:10月16日(木)18:30~
場 所:福岡よかトピア国際交流財団 あったかサロン
講 師:朴 美善さん(中国・吉林省)

2. 福岡県、福岡市、国等からの情報
1) アジア太平洋フェスティバル

期 間:10月9日(木)~13日(月・祝)11:00~21:00
会 場:福岡市役所西側ふれあい広場
詳細はこちら: http://www.asianmonth.com/festival/index.html

TEL: 092-262-0676

2) シネラ「インドネシア映画特集」

期 間:10月8日(水)~25日(土)
会 場:福岡市総合図書館 映像ホール・シネラ

問合せ:福岡市総合図書館 映像ホール・シネラ
TEL: 092-852-0608  FAX: 092-852-0609

3) 外国人のための日本文化いろは講座

日 時:10月19日(日)14:00
内 容:日本の古典芸能(能)を知る
会 場:アクロス福岡2階セミナー室
定 員:35名

TEL: 092-725-9100  Email: fukuokasggclub@yahoo.co.jp

4) ハートフルフェスタ福岡2008

日 時:10月24日(金)~26日(日)10:00
場 所:博多リバレイン

TEL: 092-262-8464

5) ちきゅうを知る講座

日 時:10月26日(日)17:00
場 所:アクロス福岡7階大会議室

TEL: 092-725-9200  Email: rkimura@kokusaihiroba.or.jp

6)  福岡県留学生サポートセンター  

場 所:アクロス福岡3Fこくさいひろば(福岡市中央区天神1-1-1)
時 間:10:00-19:00
TEL: 092-725-9201  Email: fissc@kokusaihiroba.or.jp
URL: http://www.fissc.net

3. FUKU-NET団体からの情報
1) 講演会「夢はあきらめきれず」

日 時:10月9日(木)~11月22日(土)
会 場:福岡市内各市民センター、市外近郊コミュニティセンター他

TEL: 092-715-3859  Email: kyushu@lexhippo.gr.jp

2) 日英外交関係150周年イベント

日 時:10月17日(金)19:00
場 所:石蔵酒造博多百年蔵(博多区堅粕)
料 金:3,500円

TEL: 092-476-2155   Email: fjbs.tomoike@dolphine.ocn.ne.jp

3)  カンボジアスタディツアー2008報告会

日 時:10月19日(日)16:00
場 所:福岡学生交流会館(博多区店屋町)

TEL: 090-4514-5079  Email: factjp2001@yahoo.co.jp

4) APCC20周年記念・支援 福岡ミュージックフェスティバル

日 時:10月26日(日)17:30
場 所:マリンメッセ福岡 
入場料:S席7,000円 A席5,000円

TEL: 092-844-8837
TEL: 092-734-7700  Email: info@apcc.gr.jp

4. その他福岡地域の国際交流団体等からの情報
1)  多文化子育てサロン

日 時:10月16日(木)~ 毎月第3木曜日10:00-12:30
場 所:アミカス1F保育室&2F和室
対 象:0歳児から未就学児のいる親子

TEL: 092-738-0138  Email: empower_f@ybb.ne.jp
URL: http://www.geocities.jp/empower_f/

2) 「花の夢 ある中国残留婦人」上映会

「花の夢 ある中国残留婦人」(日・'07・97min.)
日 時:11月1日(土)11:30、13:30、15:30
場 所:福岡YWCA会館3階(中央区舞鶴)
会 費:前売1,400円

TEL: 092-733-0949  Email: faff@gol.com

3) 北京風雷京劇団訪日公演

日 時:11月3日(祝)16:00
会 場:福岡市民会館
料 金:前売券A¥5,000、B¥4,000、C¥2,500

TEL: 092-761-0604

4) 外国人留学生のためのホストファミリー募集

期 間:4月~12月下旬

TEL: 092-844-4572

5. ノブが見た福岡



権藤 ノブオ

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