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Information Desk (Language: English, Chinese, and Korean)
(Fukuoka City International Center 1F)

Provides information and consultations that are essential to all aspects of a foreign national's life, including tourism, events, medical treatments, traditional cultures, and so forth. Fukuoka citizens can also receive relevant information and consultation services on international exchange such as foreign affairs, languages, etc.

Language Learning Corner (Fukuoka City International Center 4F)

-Here, you can find flyers and pamphlets on language schools in the area, both Japanese and foreign, as well as those of a variety of volunteer groups.

-We accept requests for one-on-one language assistance and offers for language learning assistance, and will post notices* accordingly (this is a replacement for the message board system that was previously in place). For those who would like to make use of this, please bring completed flyers to the 1st floor office of the Fukuoka City International Center.

*We reserve the right to deny posting of flyers based on content, upon delivery.

-For schools and corporations looking to hire personnel with higher-level fluency in a given language, we also service requests for such flyers. In the same manner, bring completed flyers to the 1st floor information desk.

For more details, contact the information desk at 092-262-1799.

Library Corner (Fukuoka City International Center 1F)

Library Corner (Fukuoka City International Center 4F)

Free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi

Connect to Fukuoka City Wi-Fi for free at Fukuoka City International Foundation.


Foreign-language newspapers and magazines such as "TIME" are available for reading.

Free Consultation Services for Foreign Nationals

Free Legal Counseling

Fukuoka City International Foundation cooperates with the Fukuoka Lawyers Association to provide free legal counseling service to foreign nationals with legal issues.

Free Personal Counseling

A clinical psychologist offers free counseling to foreign nationals who are having a difficult time adjusting to life in Japan.

Free Consultation on Immigration, Residency and Nationality

Fukuoka City International Foundation cooperates with Fukuoka Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association to offer advice on immigration procedures such as change in the status of residency.

International Exchange /Information

  • 彩虹广场
  • 「ATTAKA福冈」福冈外国学生支援会
  • Fuku-Net 福冈国际关系联络会
  • 地球市民咚打鼓

Helpful Information

  • Fukuoka Residents' Guide LIVING IN FUKUOKA
  • Foreign Language Newsletter Rainbow rainbow kr rainbow cn rainbow en
  • Mail Magazine
  • love FM

Hints for Everyday Life

  • Disaster Prevention Earthquakes Flooding
  • Garbage Bicycles etc.
  • Downloads
  • International Cooperation Corner JICA