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Rainbow Plaza

Rainbow Plaza, managed by the Fukuoka City International Foundation, is located in the heart of Fukuoka City on the 8th floor of the IMS building. At Rainbow Plaza, resources related to international exchange, understanding, and cooperation are collected and provided. An information desk service, counseling, and legal consultations are offered to foreign nationals.

Address 8F IMS Bldg., 1-7-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
TEL 092-733-2220
Hours 10:00-20:00 (last reception service at 19:45)
Closed Every 3rd Tuesday excluding July, August, December and New Year’s Holidays (Dec. 29th – Jan. 3rd)

Rainbow Plaza Map

Photo:Floor Map

Information Desk (Language: English, Chinese, and Korean)

Photo:Information Desk

Provides information and consultations that are essential to all aspects of a foreign national's life, including tourism, events, medical treatments, traditional cultures, and so forth. Fukuoka citizens can also receive relevant information and consultation services on international exchange such as foreign affairs, languages, etc.

Rainbow Club (*Registration is Free)

Benefits of Rainbow Club

How to Become a Rainbow Club Member

Anyone with a valid picture ID including a driver's license, passport, alien registration card or residence card, student ID, etc. can register for a Rainbow Club Membership at the information desk at no charge. If you wish to utilize the first through third of the above services, you will need to present an ID that verifies your current address in Fukuoka Prefecture. If you lose your membership card and wish to reissue it before the expiry date (valid for 2 years), 300 yen must be paid. Please contact information desk staff if you need to update your personal information.

Message Board

Photo:Message Board

Rainbow Club Membership (free) is required to use this service.

We provide information about individual language lessons through the cards displayed on our message board.

This service is exclusive to residents who are living in Fukuoka Prefecture only (i.e., you will need to show a photo ID valid in Japan that verifies your current address) and who are 18 years or older. You can request contact information of a particular message on the message board or to post up messages. Your message(s) will be posted for two weeks, and you can extend up to two times. Make sure to ask the staff at the information desk when posting or extending a message.

How to use the Message Board

Positions Available

Photo:Positions Available

Rainbow Club Membership (free) is required to use this service.

Companies and schools can use this board to advertise for positions which require language abilities. (Job offers that specify applicants' nationalities will not be accepted.)

This service is exclusive to residents who are living in Fukuoka Prefecture only (i.e., you will need to show a photo ID valid in Japan that verifies your current address) and who are 18 years or older.
To post your advertisement, you must complete the prescribed contract and application forms (note: the latter document requires your representative’s seal).

How to Post "Positions Available" Ads

  • Step 1

    Fill out the "Positions Available" and "Pledge" forms.

  • Step 2

    Once you have filled out these forms, present them to the information desk along with your membership card.

  • Step 3

    Your advertisement will be posted the day after the reception date and will remain up for two weeks.

  • *If you wish to extend your advertisement by two more weeks, please conduct the necessary procedures at the information desk before the due date.
  • *You may extend up to twice.
  • *Please consult the staff if you wish to have your advertisement taken off the board.
  • *Please be advised that Rainbow Plaza will bear no responsibility on any matters associated with the terms of employment.

Library Corner

Photo:Library Corner

Books, magazines, journals and pamphlets related to foreign language and Japanese culture are available. There is also a consultation desk regarding international cooperation. Rainbow Club Membership is required when borrowing books.

Books and other publications (except the latest issue of magazines, journals, etc.) may be borrowed only by Rainbow Club members residing within Fukuoka Prefecture.
If any items are returned late, your borrowing privilege will be frozen for the same length of time that the items were late.

Rainbow Club Membership (free) is required to use this service.

Free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi

Fukuoka City Wi-Fi

Connect to Fukuoka City Wi-Fi for free at Rainbow Plaza.

Free Internet Service

Rainbow Club Membership (free) is required to use this service.

With the purpose of promoting international exchange, Rainbow Plaza has two computers installed for public use. By presenting your membership card, you will be given 30 minutes of Internet-use per day. They are exclusive to Internet-use only; Microsoft Word and Excel applications, external USB devices, memory sticks, and other software/devices cannot be used. Printing is not available. In addition, accessing inappropriate or paid websites is strictly prohibited.



Foreign-language newspapers and magazines such as "TIME" are available for reading.

NHK-BS Programs

Photo:CNN Programs

We provide a continuous broadcast of NHK-BS1 programs. Visitors can watch news broadcasts, etc. from NHK and various countries using the supplementary sound channel (English, etc.).

(Rainbow Plaza's CNN broadcasts ended on 31 March 2015.)

Publications Issued

Photo:Paper Publications
  • Fukuoka City Map (English; 600 yen)

Free Consultation Services for Foreign Nationals

Free Legal Counseling

Rainbow Plaza cooperates with the Fukuoka Lawyers Association to provide free legal counseling service to foreign nationals with legal issues.

Free Personal Counseling

A clinical psychologist offers free counseling to foreign nationals who are having a difficult time adjusting to life in Japan.

Free Consultation on Immigration, Residency and Nationality

Rainbow Plaza cooperates with Fukuoka Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association to offer advice on immigration procedures such as change in the status of residency.

Free Health Consultation

A volunteer doctor provides free consultation to foreign nationals with health concerns.

International Exchange /Information

  • 彩虹广场
  • 「ATTAKA福冈」福冈外国学生支援会
  • Fuku-Net 福冈国际关系联络会
  • 地球市民咚打鼓

Helpful Information

  • Fukuoka Residents' Guide LIVING IN FUKUOKA
  • Foreign Language Newsletter Rainbow rainbow kr rainbow cn rainbow en
  • Mail Magazine
  • love FM

Hints for Everyday Life

  • Disaster Prevention Earthquakes Flooding
  • Garbage Bicycles etc.
  • Downloads
  • International Cooperation Corner JICA