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Medical Services in Fukuoka

Medical Check Services Available at Health & Welfare Centers in Fukuoka City

In order to help its residents maintain their health, each health and welfare center in Fukuoka City offers a variety of medical checks, including tests for infectious diseases at low to no cost.

(1)AIDS and Chlamydia Tests (AIDS/STD Consultations and Testing in Fukuoka City)
Free and anonymous tests for AIDS and chlamydia are available for anyone regardless of residence. Appointments are not required. The test results will be provided in Japanese.

(2)Other Medical Checks
(Appointments required. A person who understands Japanese should accompany you.)

Tests Participant Fee
Colon Cancer 40 and older 500 yen
Stomach Cancer 35 and older 600 yen
Cervical Cancer Females of 20 and older 400 yen
Breast Cancer Females of 40 and older 40s 1300 Yen
50s or older 1000 yen
Lung Cancer/Tuberculosis

40 and older


(As of May, 2012)

Dates and Times vary depending on the center. This information can be found in Fukuoka City's Newsletter in Japanese issued twice a month. If you need information in other languages, contact health and welfare centers.
(Contact details of health and welfare centers)

Health and welfare centers in Fukuoka City provide medical check services only for the residents registered in Fukuoka City. Those residents outside Fukuoka City should contact the public health center located in the area of their registered address.

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