HOSPITAL GUIDE in FUKUOKA FOR FOREIGN RESIDENTS. A Guide to Fukuoka Urban Area's Medical Institutions consulting in foreign languages

Fukuoka Medical Information Guide

You can search for medical institutions in eight different languages using the "Fukuoka Medical Information Guide" (page is displayed in English).

Fukuoka Medical Information Guide

Fukuoka Medical Information Guide

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International Exchange /Information

  • 彩虹广场
  • 「ATTAKA福冈」福冈外国学生支援会
  • Fuku-Net 福冈国际关系联络会
  • 地球市民咚打鼓

Helpful Information

  • Fukuoka Residents' Guide LIVING IN FUKUOKA
  • Foreign Language Newsletter Rainbow rainbow kr rainbow cn rainbow en
  • Mail Magazine
  • love FM

Hints for Everyday Life

  • Disaster Prevention Earthquakes Flooding
  • Garbage Bicycles etc.
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  • International Cooperation Corner JICA