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Disaster and Disaster Prevention

How to Protect Yourself in Times of Disaster
(An Earthquake/Tsunami/Typhoon/Flood Guide Video)

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Taking the recent great disaster as a lesson, Fukuoka City is promoting both hard and soft disaster prevention counter-measures to make the city a safer place for its foreign residents. If an earthquake or flood should occur, what should you do to protect yourself and your family?
To minimize damage, we have created a movie that introduces disaster preparedness which we think foreign residents should know about.

Earthquakes/ Tsunami

Typhoons/ Floods

Disaster Prevention Map/Flood Hazard Map

Disaster Prevention Map/Flood Hazard Map (produced by Fukuoka City Civic Affairs Bureau)

Disaster Prevention Map: Contains information on how to prepare for wind/flood disasters and earthquakes, contact information for evacuation shelters, etc.

   Flood Hazard Map: Displays areas that may flood during heavy rains.

Ward Versions of each map

* The Disaster Prevention Map/Flood Hazard Map are distributed atJoho Plaza (1st floor of Fukuoka City Hall),Ward offices,and the Disaster Prevention/Crisis Management Department (7th floor of Fukuoka City Hall).


Disaster Prevention Guide for Foreigners (a Fukuoka City Fire Prevention Bureau page will open)

This guide introduces reporting procedures, emergency measures, and important points regarding fires, emergencies, and earthquakes.

Fukuoka City Disaster Prevention/Crisis Management Information (a Fukuoka City Civic Affairs Bureau page will open)

This page contains information on how to register for the Disaster Prevention mailing list, disaster reports, current rainfall and river water levels, etc.

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