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Home-stay & Home Visit (for Foreign Nationals)


ホームステイ/ホームビジット(外国人向け)This program offers two exchange experiences: a general program, where foreigners stay at or visit a Japanese family's home, and together with their hosts they are given an opportunity to deepen their understading of each other's cultures; and a student program, where foreign students engage with their hosts as if they were close family friends.

About the Homestay and Home Visit (general) Program

Fukuoka City International Foundation will introduce a host family to foreign nationals who wish to deepen their understanding of and interaction with Japan by staying with a Japanese family and experiencing living with them, or by visiting them and engaging in pleasant conversation. As a rule, the length of homestays should be one week at most.

Applying for the Homestay and Home Visit (general) Program

Applicants must have a guarantor organization (referred to as "organization responsible for your application" herein) located in Japan.
As a general rule, the following documents should be submitted at least one month before the date from with you wish to begin your homestay.

  • Homestay and Home Visit (general) Program Application (PDF file
  • A letter of request from the organization responsible for your application (must be stamped with official seal) Example (PDF file
  • A copy of the applicant ID (passport, student ID card, etc.)
  • Schedule for your stay (if available)
  • Documents to present an outline of the organization responsible for your application, if the organization is one other than a (local) government (or equivalent agency), university or college accredited by the Foundation for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education (must include constitution, activity history, and board membership, etc.)


About the Home Visit Program for International Students Program

For foreign students enrolled at universities, community colleges or language schools within the Fukuoka metropolitan area, Fukuoka City International Foundation will introduce a Japanese family that wishes to engage in continued interaction with them.
Deepen friendships and mutual understanding by engaging with each other as you please, through conversations over meals or through home visits, etc.
The program period lasts three months (July-September, September-November, November-January, January-March). The number of participants is limited to 20 in each period. An introductory meeting will be held a month before the beginning of the exchange.

Applying for the Home Visit Program for International Students

Arrange a meeting with the FCIF staff member in charge of the program, and after bringing the following documents to Fukuoka City International Foundation by the application deadline (the 10th of the second month preceding the month from which the exchange will begin), attend the meeting.

  • Home Visit Program for International Students Application (PDF file
  • Student ID Card (original)
  • Residence Card (original)




  • This program aims to promote cross-cultural interaction and goodwill exchange between foreign nationals and Japanese families. Therefore, it cannot be used for the purpose of receiving free accommodation and meals.
  • The host families offer accommodation and meals at home, free of charge, on a volunteer basis. The participants, however, are responsible for their personal expenses, such as transportation, telephone, sightseeing costs, and so forth.
  • In the unlikely event of an accident occurring during the home-stay/home visit period, neither the Fukuoka City International Foundation nor the host family will bear any responsibility.
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