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Children's Preventive Vaccination in Fukuoka City

For the preventive care for your children

Immunity that has been gifted to the infant from the mother is naturally lost over time, and as the infant grows and ventures outside, they are exposed to infectious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary for your child to develop his/her own immune system to prevent illness. This is where vaccination comes in.

You are advised to understand vaccines correctly, and make sure your child is vaccinated when his/her health is in good condition.


Vaccination Downloads

    Vaccination Types/Eligibility/Doses etc.

    -English- October 2014 Downloadable Version (PDF, approx. 290MB)


October 2014 Downloadable Version
-Japanese/English- October 2014 Downloadable Version (PDF, approx. 450MB)


*The English-only version and the Japanese/English version contain the same information.

*Fukuoka City Hall Website: About Vaccinations (Japanese)
*Fukuoka City Hall Website: Fukuoka Child Information (Japanese)



Phone number of the Health and Welfare Center of each ward in Fukuoka City

*For further information, please contact the Health Section at the Health and Welfare Center (Public Health Center) of your ward or a relevant medical institution which provides vaccination.

Welfare Center TEL
Higashi-ku Health and Welfare Center 092-645-1078
Hakata-ku Health and Welfare Center 092-419-1091
Chuo-ku Health and Welfare Center 092-761-7340
Minami-ku Health and Welfare Center 092-559-5116
Jonan-ku Health and Welfare Center 092-831-4261
Sawara-ku Health and Welfare Center 092-851-6012
Nishi-ku Health and Welfare Center 092-895-7073

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