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Free Legal Counseling for Foreign Nationals 外国人のための無料法律相談

With the support of the Fukuoka Bar Association, the Fukuoka City International Foundation offers free legal consultation services to foreign nationals residing in the Fukuoka area.


Starting from April 1, 2017


Every 1st Saturday and 3rd Wednesday
*Closed: New Year's holidays (Dec.29 - Jan.3)


Each session is 45 minutes long, beginning at the following times (includes interpretation service).

1st Saturday:
(1)10:30~ (2)11:15~ (3)12:00~ (4)12:45~

3rd Wednesday:
(1)13:00~ (2)13:45~ (3)14:30~ (4)15:15~

Location 1F, Fukuoka City International Center
Interpretation service An interpreter can be provided on request, free of charge.
If you wish to request an interpretation service other than Chinese or English, please arrange with Information Desk well in advance as it may take some time to find your desirable interpreter in time.
  • Important Reminders (PDF) (12KB)
  • Application Form (PDF) (83KB)
  • Application Form (MS Word) (44KB)



    How to book your appointment

    • Step 1 Check for availability

      Please confirm session availability by phone or at the Information Desk.

    • Step 2 Book a tentative appointment

      After carefully reading the important reminders, fill out the application form and submit in any of the following ways.
      1) Directly at the Information Desk 2) by fax 3) by e-mail legal@rainbowfia.or.jp
      * When sending your application by fax or e-mail, please be sure to confirm its delivery by telephone.
      * After your application has been submitted, we will issue a certificate with a tentative appointment time.

    • Step 3 Appointment Confirmation

      Please reconfirm your appointment on the date designated on the tentative appointment certificate.
      * Please be forewarned that your appointment will be canceled if you do not call to confirm.

    • Step 4 Counseling day

      Please arrive at Fukuoka City International Foundation before the designated time on the day of your appointment.

    • * If you must cancel, please contact Fukuoka City International Foundation as early as possible (so we can accommodate individuals on the waiting list)
    • * In order to provide this service to as many people as possible, your second appointment is not accepted until two months have elapsed from your first counseling. However, if there are any spaces available during that time, specifically, three days prior to your request counseling day, then you may book your appointment.

    Confidentiality of Information

    Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

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