I would like to homestay (find a homestay host family).
Foreign nationals who are interested in homestaying with a Japanese family are introduced to host families under certain conditions.
How do I become a homestay host family?
If you are interested in having a foreign national for a homestay, you will be registered as a host family under specific conditions.
I would like to participate in volunteer activities where I can use my language skills.
Individuals residing in the Fukuoka metropolitan area may register as a "Language Volunteer."
I would like to be introduced to an interpretation service.
We are able to dispatch interpreters to non-profit organizations for their international exchange and foreigner support activities, based on the request.
I would like to cross-link Fukuoka City International Foundation's website.
While Fukuoka City International Foundation's website does not contain a link page, you are free to link with our site.
I would like to post an ad in one of the Rainbow Newsletters (English, Chinese, Korean).
I would like to work for Fukuoka City International Foundation.
Information about vacancies and recruitment can be found here.

International Exchange /Information

  • 彩虹广场
  • 「ATTAKA福冈」福冈外国学生支援会
  • Fuku-Net 福冈国际关系联络会
  • 地球市民咚打鼓

Helpful Information

  • Fukuoka Residents' Guide LIVING IN FUKUOKA
  • 地球市民咚打鼓Foreign Language Newsletter Rainbow rainbow kr rainbow cn rainbow en
  • Mail Magazine
  • love FM

Hints for Everyday Life

  • Disaster Prevention Earthquakes Flooding
  • Garbage Bicycles etc.
  • Downloads
  • International Cooperation Corner JICA