Everyday Living Advice(Rule & Manners)

We’d like to offer a few hints for living in Fukuoka, like rules and everyday living advice. They will make your life here more enjoyable and comfortable.

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1.Garbage regulations (Fukuoka city)


Garbage should be put out after sunset, before midnight. This will help prevent crows from tearing open the garbage bags.

2.Cycling rules


In Japan, it is the law for cars to drive on the left. Rules applying to riding bicycles are the same. In principle, bicycles ride on the left of the roadway, as defined by Japanese law. Bicycles should always be parked in marked bicycle parking spaces. It is against the law to ride a bicycle while holding an umbrella above your head, talking on your mobile phone, with another person on the bicycle, after consuming any alcohol, without illumination at night, or with more than two bicycles parallel to each other.

3.Japanese manners


Every nation has its own manners, and of course so does Japan.
The Japanese are considerate of other people. This is the spirit of “wa,” or “thinking of others.”

4.Smart cards for trains, city subways and buses


Smart cards are very convenient when using the train, subway or bus.
These smart cards can be used to pay fares for Nishitetsu trains and buses, JR trains, and the city subways.

5.Emergency actions


To call the police, dial 110.
To call the fire department or request an ambulance, dial 119.
You can also call directly from your mobile phone.

6.A hint on how to enjoy your life here


And finally, here is a hint on how to make life here more enjoyable. Get to know your neighbors!
A good way to start is by always calling out “ohayo gozaimasu” and “konnichi wa” when you see them.
It takes courage the first time, but after you’ve exchanged greetings a few times, people will begin to talk to you.
This is a message from a senior foreign student.


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